Restaurant Review: Pierogi ​Mountain

When I heard that Max & Erma’s, a German Village cornerstone was closing, I was heartbroken. The chicken tortilla soup staple restaurant had frequently been a place of family gatherings, business meetings, and just a fun time with friends. After the property sat empty for close to a year, I was beginning to lose hope. Then the news hit.

Pierogi Mountain, a local polish eatery, announced that it was opening a second location in German Village alongside Wunderbar and a co-working space, Kollectiv. Both Pierogi Mountain and Wunderbar will operate side by side similarly to their original setup on Summit St in Cafe Bourbon Street.

I have visited the Summit Street location before, but only late at night (I think pierogis are most enjoyable late at night, what can I say?). Keeping that in mind, we visited the German Village Pierogi Mountain at about 10 o’clock on a Friday night. I ordered their signature cheese and potato pierogis and a side of poutine and we found our seats in their dining space. I loved how it was set up and how I could still see the layout of Max & Erma’s in the new venue. There was a nice sitting area near the front and the classic basement bathroom of the original Max & Erma’s was still there.

The food quickly came and it was SO TASTY. I ordered six and finished every one. We also ordered one of the signature cocktails at Wunderbar, which was equally as delicious. I cannot wait to come back to this location! I am extremely excited that a new nightlife location is now in German Village. Being located just up the street, this is the perfect venue I can walk to from home.

Open every night of the week (most nights until 1 AM). Check them out today!

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